3 Huskies Outdoor Services is a business committed to the family atmosphere.  We take care of our own so they can take care of your outdoor needs.  Quality customer relationships with frequent communication is at the core of what we do. I cannot promise perfection but I can promise we will work to make it as close as we can.  We just happen to provide lawn care, landscape and snow removal services. We want you to have the freedom to focus on your other priorities and not worry about your property.  You can have confidence knowing we will take care of it no matter what problems arise!  

I started 3 Huskies Outdoor because I needed a place where taking care of family was important.  I feel that all of my workers and clients are part of my extended family. My first goal was to provide high quality snow removal. I found that utilizing a tractor with an inverted (pull type) snowblower provided the highest quality in terms of precision and speed.  The vision grew from there and continues transforming every day.  We are coming together to provide exceptional lawn care and landscaping services to our community.  My staff and I have a collective mission and we will stay focused on it every day!


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Darrell & Amanda


I believe in people and my wife believes in me!  I have always wanted to take care of people . . .  I have learned that can be achieved in many different ways! I also enjoy working outside with equipment.  Its a win/win for me!

Head of Excavating

You need a hole dug,  I'll have it done in 10 seconds flat.  I currently hold the position of project inspector. I make sure every inch of the job is up to my standards! 


Head of Operations

I am the Alpha of the pack. Don't let my size fool you, I definitely know how to keep everyone on task and look good doing it!

In Loving Memory
Sept 2009-Aug 2020

Head of Marketing

If you need a model, I'm your guy! I know just how to strike the right pose in any landscape; I also enjoy long naps. going on walks and breakfast! 

Employee of the Month




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